Investing by the Stars: Using Astrology in the Financial Markets. Henry Weingarten

Investing by the Stars: Using Astrology in the Financial Markets
ISBN: 9780934380645 | 236 pages | 6 Mb

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Investing by the Stars: Using Astrology in the Financial Markets Henry Weingarten
Publisher: Wasendorf & Associates Inc

We would also highlight some more down-to-earth factors that are not written in the stars but probably as important. radio at the weekend the financial astrologer who caused a stir with his accurate negative predictions for August, former veteran Wall Street investment analyst Arch Crawford repeated his hugely bearish predictions for the stock market up to the And if you want a good reason for further downside you have only to look at the actual leading economic indicators, not the stars, although if they throw some light on this situation why not consider them too? €�Astrology is definitely not a precise science,” says Weingarten, author of 'Investing by the Stars', “but it's the best tool we have to predict the ups and downs of the stock market.” Advice through astrology. In any event the ArabianMoney red flag remains aloft and cash, gold and short ETFs are our preferred investments. I do not like be part of the herd when investing & was wondering how many use astrology for investing. Global stock markets have been trending lower since mid-May after a long rally from the depths of the financial crisis in March 2009. Markets seem Get it wrong and like the astrologers on occasions the market is left with egg on its face. Sharma maintains the previous price predictions he gave us in Oct.'12 at the New Orleans Investment Conference, and believes that we will reach $78 silver and $1955 gold by the end of 2014. Data, we are creating artificial intelli "The Benefits of Chronic Deflation" · William Shatner blasts IRS for 'Star Trek' parody . Arch Crawford has studied the effects of a high number of electrons in the ionosphere & says that a high number of electrons in the ionosphere from a solar flare causes stock market prices to fall & the statistics are to over .. Tia, on the other hand, had made 5.8 per These guys have simulated the performance of four traditional strategies using 10 years of historical data from the UK, German and US stock markets. Haroldcrump that sounds about how he should behave to me, so just don't worry and trust in the stars and everything will sort itself out. They then compare the results with . Sharma Roubini: When to Expect the Next Big Market Crash June 10, 2013. Gold, Mahendra SharmaGold stocks will outperform physical gold and hit all-time highs over the next 2 years according to the financial astrological predictions of Mahendra Shar. At the end of the year, the trader had lost 46.2 per cent of the original investment and the astrologer 6.2 per cent.

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